Our Team

Brendan Sadgrove Director brendan@innovative.net.au

As one of Innovative’s directors, Brendan prides himself on delivering an uncompromised approach to client and account relations. His grounded and realistic attitude ensures a client’s ideal event is brought to life and well executed within budget.

In the little downtime Brendan gets, he loves to go flying in an ultra-lite plane called a Dragonfly. Every year he participates in the Forbes Hang Gliding Competition in rural NSW as a tow plane pilot and loves it!

Jeremy Koch Director jeremy@innovative.net.au

Jeremy has worked tirelessly from the age of 16 to develop his skills as a top-notch lighting designer and technician. As one of the company directors, he is constantly educating and passing on his skills and experience to the Innovative team. His attention to detail and desire to ‘make sure it’s perfect’ are traits that are nurtured at Innovative and something the directors actively encourage every day.

Outside of the industry, Jeremy’s passions are car racing and contemporary dance. If he could light a dance show at Sydney Motorsport Park, he would be in heaven!

Guy Gilchrist Warehouse Manager guy@innovative.net.au

Guy is an integral part of the way Innovative operates. Guy’s attention to detail and methodical approach has ensured the warehouse procedures are constantly tweaked and updated. His cool, calm and collected demeanour means the busy turnarounds are executed as smoothly as possible.

Luke Boyd Production Manager luke@innovative.net.au

Luke combines experience and passion in all aspects of lighting, audio, vision and IT. He is technically minded and can problem solve on an event while keeping his cool. His
professional and polite demeanour make him an excellent operator and someone who
always strives to look after his client’s needs.

Hayden Schraishuhn Operations/Logistics Manager hayden@innovative.net.au

Hayden is affectionately known as “Crew Boss”. His role as Operations/Logistics Manager has him managing staff (all permanent and contract production staff) and vehicle movements with micro detail on a daily basis. When he is not owning the title of Crew Boss, he keeps himself busy drawing up amazing, accurate floor plans in Vectorworks. He is responsible for growing and maintaining our CAD library – creating detailed venue plans and 3D visualizations for our event clients.

Chris Sicard Factory Staff chris@innovative.net.au

Chris is an integral part of the Innovative Warehouse and is considered Guy’s right hand man. Chris is an extremely passionate sound and audio enthusiast. His love for audio in listening, playing, recording, mixing or writing is a strong passion and continues to play a major role in his life. After completing his Audio Engineering Degree, Chris pursued opportunities to increase his skills within the industry. Working with Innovative Productions has enabled him to broaden his knowledge whilst working with like-minded peers.

Russell Smith Inventory Controller russell@innovative.net.au

Russell is our go-to Mr fix-it! As the Inventory Controller he is the Master of Maintenance, Head of All Things Electrical and has what it takes to develope new gadgets to meet our production needs. No job is too hard for Russell and always gets the job done without any qualm.

Eliot Simpson Account Manager eliot@innovative.net.au

Eliot is well versed in Lighting, vision and IT and has a passion to see a project executed seamlessly from start to finish. He has brought to Innovative 10 years of experience gained from several large companies in the entertainment industry. He prides himself on his strong work ethic and being part of the bigger picture, helping out in any way he can to produce a top quality event. Eliot loves exploring new technology and innovations both inside and outside the scope of the events industry.

Belinda Potter Office Admin belinda@innovative.net.au

Belinda joined the Innovative team in 2015 with a background in Business and Marketing. She is the friendly first point of contact at Innovative, runnings the show from the office and ready to assist in whatever she can. As the Marketing Manager and website content manager Belinda is eager to show off Innovative’s productions on all social media platforms. She has taken on the indoor plants looker-after-er and wears it with pride!

Luke Pinnegar Production Technician lukep@innovative.net.au

Luke has an innate ability to connect to people. He contributes his knowledge and enthusiasm openly to produce high quality events. His wealth of experience, from running his own company in the UK and a can do attitude makes his approach to executing an event an inclusive experience for all involved. His passion and desire to learn everything AV is undeniable and we are thrilled to have him on the Innovative team.


Thomas Mabbott Production Crew thomas@innovative.net.au

As the newest addition to the production crew, Tom is already inherent to the smooth sailing of the tightly run factory ship. He has a great eye for detail and puts in 100% to ensure the task at hand is done well. With a background in Audio Production, Tom is passionate about music and likes to get out on jobs and hone his skills as an audio tech on the weekends.

Carla Burke Assistant Accountant carla@innovative.net.au

The newest member to join the Innovative team, Carla brings with her a wealth of financial experience completing a Bachelor in Business . Carla’s attention to detail and open heartedness make her a perfect match for the office dynamics! Soon to be the next MYOB know-it-all :)

Matt Maddock Senior Technician & Head of Audio matt@innovative.net.au

Matt has been in the Live Events industry for over 20 years. His extensive knowledge as an Audio Technician is a great asset to have on our innovative team. We welcome him with open arms as Senior Technician and Head of Audio, and know that his cool, calm demeanor will take him from strength to strength in this new role.

Ben Gore

Ben is the newest Production Technician to join the Innovative Team. With 5 years experience as an Audio Technician under his belt, Ben’s professionalism and technical skills are admirable assets to have on board. Ben is a team player, always making sure productions run at the highest level and exceed clients expectations. Known for his problem solving and attention to detail, Ben is also an IT and networking wiz and happy to share his knowledge with the team. Ben’s favourite gigs to work on are dance parties and festivals for their high energy and killer tunes!