When it comes to equipment and reliability, Innovative strives to be on top. All of our equipment is of the highest quality and is kept in pristine condition. This allows both our staff and our clients to be confident in its performance and presentation. Time and time again Innovative will deliver a complete and personalised service that you can trust.

Turbosound’s line-up of top class systems is a key element in Innovative’s success:

“Turbosound has helped further Innovative’s reputation of being committed to providing superior products and a reliable service” – Brendan Sadgrove / Director

Innovative Production Services offer the following services in audio:

  • Sound system design and operation
  • CAD Drawing and ‘coverage maps’
  • Compact PA systems for Board Rooms to full-scale PA systems for Arenas and Stadia
  • Digital and Analogue audio solutions
  • Flown and Ground-stacked solutions
  • Audio for Bands and DJs
  • Audio for corporate and hospitality applications

Audio Gallery