When it comes to equipment and reliability, Innovative strives to be on top. All of our equipment is of the highest quality and is kept in pristine condition. This allows both our staff and our clients to be confident in its performance and presentation. Time and time again Innovative will deliver a complete and personalised service that you can trust. Innovative Production Services offer the following services in vision:

  • High end projectors for large format screens and building/set projection and mapping
  • Extensive Coolux Pandora‚Äôs Box Media Server Systems and trained operators
  • Large range of Seamless Switching, Blending and Large Format mixing solutions including Barco Encore 3G Systems, PDS-9023G, Roland V-8003G
  • Extensive Fiber and CAT5 signal distribution systems
  • LCD screens of all sizes and Videowalls
  • Fold-back screens of all types, Presentation Aids, Remote Cueing Systems
  • Lecterns with built-in LCDs for presenters
  • Camera Systems
  • Video Editing/Content Creation


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