Auras are alright by us.

Our recent purchase of 18 Matin MAC Aura fixtures sure has brightened up the place! Jeremy Koch called it “love at first light”, which is quite fitting for St Valentine’s Day :)

The extremely small size and weight allows them to be rigged in many more venues and situations where you could not normally hang a light. They are also very low in power consumption allowing up to 9 to be plugged into 1 standard power outlet.

“Finally we have an LED light that you really can’t tell is LED – this is special. At Innovative, the vast array of jobs that we do requires flexibility beyond belief. The MAC Aura allows us to light a lectern or stage for speeches with a warm tungsten feel and in an instant it can deliver incredible colours, zoom effects and speed to paint everyone’s eye candy dreams!”

The MAC Aura delivers almost 4,000 lumens of output in an ultra-compact 5.6 kg package for a performance to size ratio that you don’t find in comparable fixtures. And the Aura moves at a speed and precision that was once only associated with moving mirrors.

So, what colour will the Auras be on your next event?

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