Our new MA onPC wings have arrived!

At innovative our GrandMA2 Ultralight has become the console we rely on for all our major shows. It delivers the best experience from all lighting control aspects: it’s powerful, it’s easy to use, and most of all its reliable!

However for all these wonderful traits, the MA2 is still a large scale console and it’s not friendly when space is a concern for small events. MA Lighting have finally released a solution that we have been waiting for…for a long time!

The new MA2 onPC wing offers hardware control and DMX outputs for MA onPC2 software. All the great new features can be found here: http://wing.malighting.com/

Innovative Production Services has added 2 MA2 onPC wings to the inventory!

By having one primary platform for lighting control at innovative it will make training and support easier and more efficient. Add to this the fact that the MA2 platform is simply fantastic and as far as we are concerned, the best platform in the world. We couldn’t be happier with our new onPC wings!

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